Milan style – original recipe: goat’s milk cheese, ricotta (kind of cottage cheese), sweet gorgonzola cheese, stracchino (kind of soft cheese made in Lombardy), mascarpone (Italian soft cheese), sweet asiago cheese, taleggio cheese, brie, cold meats and salami, cooked ham, smoked cooked ham, mortadella (Bologna sausage), cured raw beef, cotechino (kind of spiced Italian sausage), cold meat, roast meat.

Figs: cooked and raw cured meats, cheese with blue-green marbling, “Salva cremasco”, Roman Pecorino cheese, “burrata”.

Solid Quince "SENAPATA": provolone valpadana, seasoned pecorino cheese, bagoss, cured meat and meat.

Cherries: sheep’s milk cheese, cheese with blue-green marbling, meat skewer, boiled meat.

Chinotto: natural gorgonzola, ricotta, fresh goat’s milk cheese, mascarpone.

White Truffle: aged and tasty cheese such as POD aged Castelmagno, cheese with blue-green marbling.

“Mantovana”: semi aged cheese, grana padano, roasted meat, various types of boiled meat – ingredient for Mantua-style tortelli.

"Vicentina": boiled and roasted meat, sliced speck or high-grade game cured meat, extra aged Asiago, mascarpone, cakes such as panettone or pandoro.

Pumpkin: piedmont toma, Parmesan Cheese, Praga Ham, shoulder of ham.

Clementines: fresh cheese such as robiola, ricotta, roasted meat.

Cedar: wide selection of medium aged cheese

Apricot: wide choice of fresh types of cheese.

Mostarda di Arance a filetti: robiola, taleggio, various types of fresh cheese, lard, roasted and boiled meat.

Mostarda di Limoni a filetti: sweet gorgonzola, Asiago, piedmont toma, stracchino, provolone, caciocavallo, pork roasted meat, baked ham and mortadella.

Citrus Fruit: ricotta cheese, mascarpone, robiola cheese (Italian soft cheese), cotechino (spiced Italian sausage), roasted white meat. Excellent also with bitter dark chocolate.

Fig: spicy gorgonzola, roquefort, blue stilton, aged pecorino (sheep’s milk cheese), Tiroler graukäse, lombard “panerone”cheese, “Salva cremasco”, pork and wild boar ham.

Pear: Po valley provolone POD, grana padano, cremonese salami, mixed boiled meats

Apple: several types of cheeses like spicy provolone, brie, cured raw beef, tyrolese cooked ham.

Plum: types of cheese like parmesan, spicy provolone valpadana, gorgonzola.

Green tomato: emmentaler, speck, Hungarian salami, raw tuscan ham.

Fig: with cheeses, cooked ham, grilled or roasted meat.Pear: with cheeses, cooked ham, grilled or roasted meat.

Orange: with boiled and grilled fish, especially shellfish and frogfish.

Borettane onions with balsamic vinegar of Modena PGI: types of cheese like gorgonzola, roquefort, pecorino di fossa cheese (sheep’s milk cheese) or goat’s milk cheeses; with grilled or roasted white and red meat; with boiled and grilled fish and “cotechino” (spiced Italian sausage).

Pumpkin and Ginger: semi aged cheese like emmentaler, fontina, gruyère, cheese with blue-green marbling; hungarian or milan type of salami; sweet and sour sturgeon fish, rhombus fish with thymus; excellent filling for pasta or cakes.

Red pepper and chilly pepper: with fresh cheeses ( goat or sheep cheese),young pecorino, grilled red meat, fried seafood. It can also be used as the sauce base for fresh pasta.

Fig with balsamic vinegar: grana padano, parmigiano reggiano and monte veronese cheeses.

Strawberry with balsamic vinegar: fresh and creamy cheeses such as goat cheese and robiola, yogurt, ice cream and panna cotta.

Pear with balsamic vinegar: medium aged cheeses and chocolate based baked desserts.

Apricot: stuffing for cakes, goat’s milk cheese.

Cherry: stuffing for tarts

Fig: snacks, also with cheese with blue-green marbling and with spicy cheese.

Strawberry: chocolate cakes.