Mandorlato di Cremona ® (Cremona style almond nougat) is handmade with time-honoured techniques for more than 8 hours following the dictates of a recipe dating back to the 1800s; the result is a product that exalts the extraordinary qualities of the natural ingredients used in the making.

Bahia® – soft almond nougat covered with fine extra- dark chocolate.

Fructus® – soft almond nougat exquisitely enriched with small pieces of candied fruit.

Coffee Soft almond nougat enriched with the finest ground Arabica coffee beans and then coated with a layer of extra-dark chocolate.

CodeDescriptionsGramsItems per carton box
3320“Il Mandorlato di Cremona”® - hand made - red stripe15024
3380“Il Mandorlato di Cremona”® - hand made - “Cremona” nougat cake35010
3330“BAHIA”® soft, covered with extra dark chocolate - brown stripe15024
3332“FRUCTUS”® soft with candied fruit - orange stripe15024
3336“COFFEE”® soft with pure coffee, covered with extra dark chocolate15024
3380Nougat cake “Il Mandorlato di Cremona”®35010