Since then Cotognata has become a fixture in our homes. Our company makes Cotognata by carefully following the original recipe and by working hard to provide a product of the highest quality.

Our Cotognate is made from the quince and its fruit content measures over 70%.

It is available in the following versions:
– CLASSICA in a round wood veneered case
– WITH CITRUS RINDS in a rectangular wooden box

The preserves are solid and can be cut in slices or cubes and can be eaten as a healthy snack or a delicious dessert.

CodeDescriptionsGramsItems per carton box
00012Classic “ Cremona” solid quince conserve - round wooden box36012
00013Classic “ Cremona” solid quince conserve - sold by the piece500001
00014Solid quince conserve with citrus rinds - rectangular wooden box38012