La Mostarda Mantovana This Mantua style mostarda contains only sliced Campanine apples, which are candied and flavoured with mustard. This mostarda is indispensable for the preparation of pumpkin tortelli, but can also serve as a fine accompaniment to cheeses, cold cuts and meats.

LA Mostarda di Milano ® This Milan style mostarda is a mixture of fresh fruit that is cooked to a concentrate and then flavoured with spices and essential mustard oil. It is still prepared today according to an ancient recipe, unearthed from our archives and dating back to a period in which Milan was at the centre of a crossroads in the spice trade. Mostarda of Milan goes exquisitely well with cheeses, cold cuts and meats.

La Mostarda VicentinaFollowing the tradition in Vicenza, this mostarda is made from quince; it is cooked and puréed and then diced candied fruit is added to the mixture. It is superb with meat, cold cuts and cheese. According to tradition in the Veneto region, it is also served to accompany Panettone and Pandoro.

La Mostarda al Tartufodaringly and elegantly pairs the freshness of the Mostarda di Milano with the intensity of white truffles. Every jar contains 2% white truffles, and this mostarda is one of our most refined and particular products.

La Senapata This solid quince conserve is flavoured with essential mustard oil and is handsomely packaged in a round wooden veneer case. It can be served sliced or cubed and goes well with meats, cold cuts and cheeses.

Vegetable Mostarda.

CodeDescriptionsGramsItems per carton box
4859Mostarda Mantovana - sliced apples - spicy26012
4870Mostarda of Milan - Original Recipe - with recipe book35012
4880White Truffle Mostarda (Tuber Magnatum Pico)10006
4890Solid Quince Mostarda “SENAPATA”36012
4896Mostarda Vicentina - new glass jar25006
4895Vegetable Mostarda45012