Food products and confectionery Cremona

Our nougats are produced following an antique recipe, already famous in the 19th century, and now carefully safeguarded in our archives. All of the ingredients are carefully selected to ensure only excellent quality. And all of the products come exclusively from Italy. FIESCHI nougats boast a percentage of almonds greater than 50% and a mix of various types of honey that allows us to guarantee the same consistent delicious flavour in every nougat packet. Torrone of Cremona was described in banquets dating back to the Roman epoch and was referred to as that “exquisite sweet made from almonds, honey and egg whites.” However its official debut was on 25 October 1441, the day when Bianca Maria Visconti married the condottiere Francesco Sforza in Cremona. On that occasion the sweet was prepared in the shape of the highest tower in the city, the Torrione, or the Torrazzo as it is presently known. Thus the name Torrone, which translates to “big tower.”

Classic Nougats

These nougats belong to an antique Cremonese tradition and are made with selected superior quality ingredients.