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Fruit Mostarda was cited for the first time in the 1st century in “De Rustica” and then again in 1475 in “De De honesta voluptate et valetudine”, a book of recipes and culinary preparations by Bartolomeo Sacchi, a Cremonese who was nick-named “The Platina.” “Il cuoco reale e il contadino” (The royal cook and the farmer), dated 1780, describes the introduction of the Mostarda of Cremona to the royal court in 1533 by Catherine de Medici, future queen of France.

Mostarda of Cremona Single Fruit

For gourmet and connoisseurs that have a soft spot for one fruit in particular and are on the lookout for exquisite combinations, this range provides a wide array of single fruit Mostarda of Cremona

Mostarda and Regional Specialities

To complete our range of products, we offer these other varieties of Mostarda that testifie to the importance of this preparation and how it was an extraordinary method for preserving and enjoying fruit. As usual, our mostarda strictly follows traditional recipes.